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3-in-1 Sheath fault pin-pointing, pre-location and testing system.

Sheath Fault Location

Determining correct cable with digital identification.

Digital Cable ID Set

Determining correct cable with analogue identification.

Analogue Cable ID Set

Underground cable tracing make easy.

Cable Locator

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Impulse surging up to 16kV with 500 Joules

Surge Generator SSG500

Impulse surging up to 32kV with 1100 to 3000 Joules

Surge Gen SSG1100-3000

Mobile pre-fault location system with 16kV surge gen

Mobile fault location sys

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Mobile pre-fault location system with 32kV surge gen

Portable Syscompact 2000

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Precisely pin-point underground cable fault.

Pin-pointing cable fault

PD spot testing without disconnecting cable line.

Online PD Spot Testing

Various combination of Baur test equipment to your liking

Baur Test Van

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Available at Baur website

More and More

Baur Site

BAUR (Cable Fault Location)

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