About Us

Matsukaya Pte Ltd was formed in 1981.

Current focus is placed on institutional business sector and mainly in the utilities, commercial & industrial sectors.

Matsukaya Single-Phase and 3-Phase meters are type tested by Accredited Laboratories in Australia, China and Singapore, complying with latest International Standards of IEC and ANSI.

Our customers are the end users, chiefly the electricity utilities.

Having very close contact with various utilities in the Asia Pacific Region is our asset. We are also involved in the area of high technology specialized products of sophisticated electronic metering system, Meter Testing and high voltage test and diagnostic system.

Matsukaya Pte Ltd obtained her ISO 9000 certification on 28 April 2000 from Productivity and Standard Board of Singapore and IQ-Net in relation to energy metering business. This was subsequently upgraded and converted to ISO 9001:2008 and is currently valid till 15 April 2018.

In pursuit of workplace safety, we obtained our BizSafe Level 4 certification valid till 1st March 2019.

Matsukaya Trade Mark was registered in 2016 and valid till 22 Dec 2026.

Matsukaya Pte Ltd is also a member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, with customers including some large MNCs from Europe and Asia.

Single-Phase Ferraris and Electronic meters are sold mainly into the Asia-Pacific region.  The customers are in China, India, South Asia and ASEAN countries.

Our associate factory has the capability of producing 2,000,000 meters per year. Average annual total production amounts to 500,000 Electronic Single-Phase meters, 300,000 Electro-mechanical Single-Phase meters and 10,000 3-Phase Electronic Multi-function meters.

The Building & Construction Authority of Singapore (a Government Body) has given Matsukaya license to do business in Singapore in the $4 Million-Dollar category. Such license is given only to company registered in Singapore that has gone through stringent financial capability checks and track records (experience) in the related business. Our registration, currently valid till 1 August 2018, can be authenticated over BCA website at We are also listed as top Exporter by BCA.

Matsukaya principal bankers are:

United Overseas Bank Ltd
80 Raffles Place
UOB Plaza
Singapore 048624.